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YSL-882OR Xeno Trombone


The very first shipment of these arrived last week to our warehouse, and since it’s a new instrument for us – I’d like to tell a bit more of the story behind the horn.

What’s important?

1) Balanced Response Rotor. To be honest, we made up that term because we didn’t really know what to call it (I think actually Wayne Tanabe at Yamaha Artist Services came up with the term).  The long explanation is that the venting setup in the rotor balances the release in air pressure when changing from the open horn to the engaged F-attachment and back.  The short version is that the rotor feels really smooth.

2) Reversed Tuning Slides.  Both on the main tuning slide and the f-attachment have reversed tuning slides.  This means that in the direction of the airflow through the horn, the slide tubing is stepping ‘out’ into larger tuning.  This help give the player a more open response and creates less resistance.  This instrument is one of the first Yamaha trombones to offer this feature.

3) Top Artist Development. The two major players that had involvement in this project were Larry Zalkind (Principal Trombone – Utah Symphony) and Ko-ichiro Yamamoto (Principal Trombone – Seattle Symphony).  Having players involved in the project that represent that target market has always been important for Yamaha product development.  The goal wasn’t to make a horn as good as what they were already playing, but something that was actually better than their current instrument.  Considering how great both players sound on their Yamaha horns, I’d say mission accomplished on that one.

In fact, we recorded a podcast interview with Ko-ichiro at the 2008 International Trombone Festival where he talks a bit about the horn along with his life and career.

Listen Yamaha Product Marketing Specialist Jon Goldman talk about the YSL-882OR at the 2009 NAMM show.

If you have the chance to check out one of these new horns, we love to hear what you think.  Feel free to drop us a note at bandandorchestra@yamaha.com.

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