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Yamaha 2010 Drum Corps Preview – Carolina Crown

“A Second Chance”

What if you had the ability to take another shot at a decision, opportunity, or moment?  How might choosing a different direction lead to alternate opportunities? Performing musical selections inspired by these possibilities, the corps’ repertoire includes the Second Symphonies of Mahler and Khatchaturian, Danzon No.2 by Marquez; as well as Elgar’s Nimrod, a classically reflective piece that hints at the Second movement of Beethoven’s Sonata Pathétique.  Conceptual motifs, a richly coordinated palette, and a touch of nostalgic detail will further illustrate this romantic, yet existential, theme.  Carolina Crown 2010 proudly presents: “A Second Chance.”


Symphony No.2 ‘Resurrection”
by Gustav Mahler
Symphony No.2
by Aram Khatchaturian
Danzon No.2
Arturo Marquez
Nimrod ‘from Enigma Variations’
by Edward Elgar
Symphony No.2 ‘Resurrection’
by Gustav Mahler

Performing on lacquer brass instruments this year, Carolina Crown is an ALL Yamaha performing ensemble utilizing the following Yamaha Marching Brass instruments:

YTR-8335 Xeno Trumpet, YMP-204M Marching Mellophone
YBH-301M Marching Baritone, YEP-202M Marching Euphonium
YBB-202M Marching Tuba

For more information on Carolina Crown visit the corps website here.

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DRUMLine Live on Tour

2010/2011 will be an exciting time for marching band fans across the world. Based on the Historically Black College & University Marching Band tradition, DRUMLine Live is an amazing entertainment event you won’t want to miss.

And…beginning in August on their tour to Japan, the entire cast of DRUMLine Live will be performing exclusively on Yamaha Wind Instruments and Percussion!

During 2010/2011 the show will visit Japan and Korea plus a 5-month tour across the United States.  Visit their website for a schedule of performance dates and locations.

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Visit the DRUMLine Live Website

Visit the DRUMLine Live Japanese Website

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Lewis Van Haney Tenor Trombone Competition Winner

Competition winner Johanna Rubsam (R) pictured with Yamaha Representative Jonathan Goldman (L)

This prestigious competition was held during the International Trombone Festival in Austin Texas, and features a brand new Yamaha YSL-882OR xeno trombone awarded to the winning trombonist.   Currently studying in Vienna Austria with renowned trombonist Ian Bousfield, Johanna (pictured above) was the proud recipient of a Yamaha trombone as the 2010 winner.

The Lewis Van Haney Orchestral Excerpt Competition was established in 1993 following the 1991 passing of the trombonist.  Van Haney graduated from the Eastman School of Music in 1942. He performed with the United States Army Band and was a member of the New York Philharmonic trombone section of the 1940s and 1950s. In 1963, he began a twenty-five year career at the Indiana University School of Music where he influenced a countless number of students, many of whom became famous trombone performers and educators.

Congratulations again to Johanna and all the Van Haney competition finalists.

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Yamaha 2010 Drum Corps Preview – The Cadets

The Cadets 2010
Perhaps the most cherished and well-known characteristic of The Cadets is … The Uniform!
Inspired by the Cadets of West Point, the Maroon and Gold has been worn continuously through the many years The Cadets have entered the field of competition. In 2010, using the look of the corps as central to the production, The Cadets present TOY SOULDIER, a look through a young man’s imagination of what it might be like if the regiment of life as a soldier was replaced with the freedom of the individual spirit. Many young boys have played with toy soldiers. Opening at center stage, our single character does just that before suddenly realizing that perhaps these solders are more than imaginary. They are right here, and they are VERY REAL!

To the majesty of Procession of the Nobles, the Rimsky–Korsakov classic, The Cadets enter the field to the wonderful clarity and precision of this grand musical fanfare. Twenty-two herald trumpets announce the entrance, the guard complements with choreography distinct to the mood and time, and the line between imagination and reality begins to blur.

Alas, being toys, and being of the old fashioned wind-up variety, soldiers can slow down, and even come to a halt. After a bit of a breather, Overture for School for Scandal by Samuel Barber provides the background for a dramatic change of mood. Our soldiers run the field, move without direction, and even threaten our story’s character, all as the tale takes various twists and turns. Eventually, there is a chance for friendship and learning. With School for Scandal continuing as the backdrop, our young man is able to communicate with one of the soldiers and what follows is the chance to communicate on equal basis!  There is a connection and a possibility.

Children’s Dance, a movement from Howard Hanson’s Maypole Dances, is a piece filled with joy and energy and this selection works as a backdrop for a presentation on two levels. The Cadets have the opportunity to highlight each section of the corps in featured presentations, and through the use of the shako, soldiers are able to come to life, at least for a few minutes, culminating in a joyous ending that features visual speed and great effect.

The escape however is short lived, and our soldiers return to from where they came, with Rimsky-Korsakov again providing the backdrop as Dance of the Tumblers shows off The Cadets’ technical excellence, values of precision, and the importance of team, during a final two minute blur of speed and excitement that brings The Cadets 2010 production, TOY SOULDIER to a thrilling close!

For the Cadets, Music and Movement have forever been intertwined. This is again the case in 2010 and as an added treat, there is a bit of a story, a good look at uniform and even a look into our soul.  Enjoy, the 76th Edition of the Cadets as we build upon a history of performance excellence.

The 9-time World Champion Cadets are an “All Yamaha” performing ensemble utilizing the following Yamaha brass instruments:

YTR-8335RGS Xeno Trumpet, YMP-204MS Marching Mellophone
YBH-301MS Marching Baritone, YEP-202MS Marching Euphonium
YBB-202MS Marching Tuba

For more information on the Cadets visit their website here.

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