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Yamaha 2010 Drum Corps Preview – Carolina Crown

“A Second Chance”

What if you had the ability to take another shot at a decision, opportunity, or moment?  How might choosing a different direction lead to alternate opportunities? Performing musical selections inspired by these possibilities, the corps’ repertoire includes the Second Symphonies of Mahler and Khatchaturian, Danzon No.2 by Marquez; as well as Elgar’s Nimrod, a classically reflective piece that hints at the Second movement of Beethoven’s Sonata Pathétique.  Conceptual motifs, a richly coordinated palette, and a touch of nostalgic detail will further illustrate this romantic, yet existential, theme.  Carolina Crown 2010 proudly presents: “A Second Chance.”


Symphony No.2 ‘Resurrection”
by Gustav Mahler
Symphony No.2
by Aram Khatchaturian
Danzon No.2
Arturo Marquez
Nimrod ‘from Enigma Variations’
by Edward Elgar
Symphony No.2 ‘Resurrection’
by Gustav Mahler

Performing on lacquer brass instruments this year, Carolina Crown is an ALL Yamaha performing ensemble utilizing the following Yamaha Marching Brass instruments:

YTR-8335 Xeno Trumpet, YMP-204M Marching Mellophone
YBH-301M Marching Baritone, YEP-202M Marching Euphonium
YBB-202M Marching Tuba

For more information on Carolina Crown visit the corps website here.

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2010 Drum Corps Season Primer

Just so you know, we’re hoping to avoid this happening again.

Although the drum corps season is about to start up full-time in late May as the groups start daily rehearsals,  the YamahaWinds staff has been working on the 2010 season since September 2009 (about a week after the 2009 DCI Finals).  We have plenty of exciting things happening for the summer including plenty of windshield time as our staff is out visiting the groups that use Yamaha brass.

For starters, here are the nine top Drum Corps that use Yamaha Brass:

1) Carolina Crown

2) Cadets

3) Cavaliers

4) Santa Clara Vanguard

5) Bluecoats

6) Colts

7) Crossmen

8 ) Madison Scouts

9) Troopers

We will save a more in-depth analysis for a later date, but suffice to say there is already some discussion about a couple of twists in store for audiences this summer. Some history will also be made as another alumni group take the field playing Yamaha.  One other little twist will be heralded in by a group hoping to have a banner summer.

See you along the way.

ps. the picture at the top is the direct result of a rifle toss that didn’t make it over the tuba player last summer.  Probably good it hit the horn straight on, since the player could have been seriously injured.  What else could we do but laugh and take some pictures.

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DCI 2009 Recap


Time to reflect on the 2009 DCI finals week in Indianapolis Indiana.  We saw some amazing performances by some really talented students, hundreds of volunteers working hard to support each and every participating drum corps, and a tireless commitment by the various instructional staff members to achieving excellence.  Congratulations to all the groups playing Yamaha:

2nd place – Carolina Crown (Yamaha Brass & Percussion)

3rd place – Holy Name Cadets (Yamaha Brass & Percussion)

4th place – The Cavaliers (Yamaha Brass & Percussion)

5th place – Santa Clara Vanguard (Yamaha Brass)

6th place – The Bluecoats (Yamaha Brass & Percussion)

12th place – The Troopers (Yamaha Brass)

13th place – The Colts (Yamaha Brass & Percussion)

15th place – Madison Scouts (Yamaha Brass & Percussion)

16th place – The Crossmen (Yamaha Brass & Percussion)

A special congratulations go out to Matt Harloff and the Carolina Crown brass staff for taking home the Jim Ott best brass performance award for the highest brass score during the week.  Crown is now the 3rd different drum corps playing Yamaha to win this award in the last 10 years (Cadets and Cavaliers have also won this award since 2000).

If you missed any of the realtime action via the DCI Fan Network, or Twitter, here is a little sample of what was going on during the week.

View the Yamaha DCI Season pictures on Facebook

View the Yamaha DCI week pictures on TwitPic

View the Yamaha DCI week pictures on YFrog

Listen to the Yamaha DCI week recordings on TweetMic

Of course, the week ended with Yamaha again winning the “High Trunk” caption early Sunday morning (about 1:30am when this award was given out).  We think it was a 10.0 in this category, and continues our undefeated run back to the Fred Sanford days.

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Preseason Drum Corps Visit – Carolina Crown


A very early morning drive and several thankfully on-time flights had me arriving in Charlotte, NC in time to catch the end of the Carolina Crown afternoon brass rehearsal. Let me tell you now, these folks are on a mission. With many returning members Crown is picking up right where they left off last season. Both maturity and complex voices are highlighted throughout the show and a sound reminiscent of the early 90’s Star of Indiana. A latin section in the middle is guaranteed to be one of the most exciting brass moments on the field this year. There are great things to come from Carolina Crown.

Keep checking back for more updates, pictures and stories from the 2009 DCI season.

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New Podcast – 2009 Yamaha Drum Corps Preview


Just launched the latest podcast episode today, the 2009 DCI preview of several top corps that play Yamaha.  The Drum Corps International (DCI) Season Preview podcast has been one or our most popular episodes year after year, and probably because it’s a chance to hear the directors of each corps discuss their show, their staff and the excitement of the members for the coming touring season.  It’s also interesting to listen back to the 2008 DCI Preview podcast, and then see how each group did at the end of the season – some of the shows really came together as the directors envisioned, and others didn’t quite live up to their expectations.

LOTS and LOTS of good information about the summer season is available on the DCI website including overviews of each member corps.

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