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Yamaha 2010 Drum Corps Preview – Carolina Crown

“A Second Chance”

What if you had the ability to take another shot at a decision, opportunity, or moment?  How might choosing a different direction lead to alternate opportunities? Performing musical selections inspired by these possibilities, the corps’ repertoire includes the Second Symphonies of Mahler and Khatchaturian, Danzon No.2 by Marquez; as well as Elgar’s Nimrod, a classically reflective piece that hints at the Second movement of Beethoven’s Sonata Pathétique.  Conceptual motifs, a richly coordinated palette, and a touch of nostalgic detail will further illustrate this romantic, yet existential, theme.  Carolina Crown 2010 proudly presents: “A Second Chance.”


Symphony No.2 ‘Resurrection”
by Gustav Mahler
Symphony No.2
by Aram Khatchaturian
Danzon No.2
Arturo Marquez
Nimrod ‘from Enigma Variations’
by Edward Elgar
Symphony No.2 ‘Resurrection’
by Gustav Mahler

Performing on lacquer brass instruments this year, Carolina Crown is an ALL Yamaha performing ensemble utilizing the following Yamaha Marching Brass instruments:

YTR-8335 Xeno Trumpet, YMP-204M Marching Mellophone
YBH-301M Marching Baritone, YEP-202M Marching Euphonium
YBB-202M Marching Tuba

For more information on Carolina Crown visit the corps website here.

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2010 Yamaha Drum Corps Preview – The Cavaliers


The Cavaliers 2010 program is entitled “Mad World.” This exciting and groundbreaking production features works including “Mad World” by Roland Orzabal, “Harrison’s Dream” by Peter Graham,  “Dismantling Utopia” by Pat Metheny and “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin.

Rather than write an elaborate description, listen to members of the 2010 Cavaliers discuss the “Mad World” show concept.

One of the oldest and most respected drum corps in the activity, The Cavaliers history spans over 60 years of performance at the highest level. The mission of the 7-time World Champion Cavaliers is to provide the members with life changing experiences, educationally and socially, which helps each individual member gain real-world life skills, musical training and performance experiences. Through the development of the character traits of dedication, discipline and teamwork, each member of this close-knit, all male fraternity learns what is required to be successful on and off the performance field. Participation in the Cavaliers instills confidence, quality of character and a strong work ethic that cannot be taught in any college or university and is desirable in the real world workplace.

The Cavaliers are an “All Yamaha” performing ensemble utilizing the following Yamaha brass instruments:

YTR-8335S Xeno Trumpet, YMP-204MS Marching Mellophone
YBH-301MS Marching Baritone, YEP-202MS Marching Euphonium
YBB-202MS Marching Tuba

For more information on the Cavaliers visit their website here.

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2010 Yamaha Drum Corps Preview – The Santa Clara Vanguard

Belá Bartók is regarded as one of the greatest composers of the 20th century. His lifelong love of folk music made him one of the foremost champions of the use of ethnic melodies in orchestral music. In Bartók, Santa Clara Vanguard continues its exploration of artists who were pioneers and major forces in their respective art forms.

The folk music of Bartók’s native Hungary greatly influenced his “Concerto for Orchestra” of 1943 (his last work) and his Music for Strings, Percussion and Celeste of 1936. The corps’ interpretations of these masterworks relies heavily on the creative staff’s decision to explore the composer’s intent, to honor his ingenuity and passion with an approach that leads one to suspect Bartók really had drum corps in mind when he composed the works.

Throughout these selections, Bartók treats entire sections of instruments as soloists. It’s an approach that contributed mightily to his uniqueness and likewise fills this show with a delicate transparency that makes the music strikingly translucent.

The Vanguard Drum & Bugle Corps is a world-renowned, world champion drum and bugle corps that travels between six and eight weeks each summer throughout the United States and Canada performing in competitive field shows and parades. The Vanguard provides instruction for the experienced through the advanced member in the areas of brass, percussion and color guard

The Vanguard won its first championship in 1970 at the American Legion Championships in Portland, OR. In 1971, the Vanguard traveled to Dallas, TX and won the coveted Veterans of Foreign War Championships. In 1972, Drum Corps International (DCI) was formed with the Vanguard as one of the founding members.

The 6-time World Champions perform on the following Yamaha Brass Instruments:

YTR-8335S Xeno Trumpet, YMP-204MS Marching Mellophone
YBH-301MS Marching Baritone, YEP-202MS Marching Euphonium
YBB-202MS Marching Tuba

For more information including summer tour dates visit the Santa Clara Vanguard website here.

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2010 Drum Corps Preview – The Bluecoats

Bluecoats Tubas

METROPOLIS: The Future is Now

In a world where anything is possible, the Bluecoats explore aspects of what the future may bring to the DCI activity. Unique contributions from electronics, a look inspired by the Fritz Lang 1927 film classic of the same name and a well seasoned ensemble combine to bring the prospective future into the present for audience and performers alike.

The Bluecoats of Canton, OH were founded in 1972 as an outgrowth of the Canton Police Boys Club. They are a long-term member of Drum Corps International and have consistently placed in DCI’s elite “Top 12” since 1987.

Traveling over 10,000 miles and competing in about 30 performances each summer for hundreds of thousands of people, the Bluecoats members rehearse up to 14 hours per day perfecting their 11 minute competitive program.

The Bluecoats are an “All Yamaha” performing ensemble utilizing the following Yamaha brass instruments:

YTR-8335S Xeno Trumpet, YMP-204MS Marching Mellophone
YBH-301MS Marching Baritone, YEP-202MS Marching Euphonium
YBB-202MS Marching Tuba

For more information including tour dates visit the Bluecoats website here.

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Bluecoats Baritone

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2010 Drum Corps Preview – The Troopers

Troopers 2010

The Troopers present their 2010 production “WANTED

A departure from the usual style of the Troopers, “WANTED” is actually a play-on-words through music.  Using colorful layers and deep context, “WANTED” is a musical reflection of inner most desires and needs. “WANTED” opens with a suite including “Wanted, Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi, Trittico Movement I by Vaclav Nelhybel and “Proven Lands” from the movie “There Will be Blood” by Johnny Greenwood. From there it slows down for the American Classic “Our Town Suite” by Aaron Copeland. The show comes to an exciting close with “Borinage” by Michael Gordon, “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” by Peter Gordon and “Night Flight” from “Swingshift” by Kenji Bunch.

The Troopers mission is to provide a youth activity with positive educational experiences that promote the growth and development of specific life skills consistent with the Trooper Tradition of Excellence.

The Troopers are the only competitive junior drum and bugle corps in the state of Wyoming. Founded in 1957 by Casper contractor Jim Jones, the corps represents Wyoming in numerous performance events during the year and participates in the Drum Corps International Summer Music Games tour during the summer months.

The Troopers are proud to be a founding member of Drum Corps International and have been serving the youth of America for over 49 years. During that time they have held many championship titles including the World Open, CYO, VFW National, American Legion, North American and DCI regional titles. Aside from summer competition activities, the Troopers are a popular attraction at professional and collegiate sporting events including the Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Phillies and the United States Air Force Academy. The Troopers were the first competitive drum corps to participate in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade; represented the state of Wyoming at the 1993 and 2001 Presidential Inaugural Parades and have performed in concert before World’s Fair attendees, NATO Defense College delegates and Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and George W. Bush.

The troopers perform on the following Yamaha Brass instruments:

YTR-8335S Xeno Trumpet, YMP-204MS Marching Mellophone,

YBH-301MS Marching Baritone, YEP-202MS Marching Euphonium,

YBB-202MS Marching Tuba

For more information including summer your dates visit the Troopers website.

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Troopers 2010

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2010 Yamaha Drum Corps Preview – The Colts

The 2010 Colts Drum and Bugle Corps presents… “True Colors”

Opening with the effervescent sounds of “Green” from “Color Music” by twentieth century composer Michael Torke, the Colts explores the playful energy and childlike discovery of the human spirit. Punctuated rhythms framed around a tonal, melodic core are as colorful as the title of the work itself. By combining jazz rhythms with brilliant orchestral timbres, this minimalist piece provides subtleties and unusual sonorities that bring this colorful title to life.

What better way to explore individual expression than through two compositions by Jeff Beal, “Alone In a Crowd” and “One Man Show”, from the soundtrack to the movie “Pollock”. Beal’s music captures the manic joy of Pollock’s painting, with an addictive weave of melody and rhythm, integrating the many moods of the creative life.

“True Colors”, written by the songwriting team of Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, was made into a hit single by the unique and flamboyant Cyndi Lauper. With meaningful lyrics about acceptance and happiness of others and oneself, Cyndi sings, “I see your true colors shining through…So don’t be afraid to let them show”; an anthem about looking below the surface to see what a person is really about. This production reminds us that we are all individual expressions, each distinctive and beautiful in our own way.

The final production of “Appalachian Morning” by Paul Halley is a rich mix of American bluegrass and classical, interweaving soaring melodies with contemporary rhythms as vibrant as the spin of a color wheel. A perfect storm of energy and exuberance, this piece celebrates the human spirit, closing the 2010 program with an enormous range of expression in a powerful wash of musical colors.

The Colts are a drum and bugle corps from Dubuque, IA. Dubuque is the smallest city nationally to host a Drum Corps International Division I drum corps, but have extensive community support. Founded in 1963, the Colts have had four names and thousands of members. In their most recent history, the Colts have become a championship corps, placing in the Top 12 at DCI Finals seven times. They are also only one of three corps to support a feeder corps, the Colt Cadets, which is open to children ages 11-17 who live primarily in Dubuque and the tri-state area.

The Colts are an “All Yamaha” performing ensemble utilizing the following Yamaha brass instruments:

YTR-8335S Xeno Trumpet, YMP-204MS Marching Mellophone, YBH-301MS Marching Baritone, YEP-202MS Marching Euphonium, YBB-202MS Marching Tuba

For more information on the crowd-favorite Colts including summer tour dates, visit their website here.

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2010 Drum Corps Season Primer

Just so you know, we’re hoping to avoid this happening again.

Although the drum corps season is about to start up full-time in late May as the groups start daily rehearsals,  the YamahaWinds staff has been working on the 2010 season since September 2009 (about a week after the 2009 DCI Finals).  We have plenty of exciting things happening for the summer including plenty of windshield time as our staff is out visiting the groups that use Yamaha brass.

For starters, here are the nine top Drum Corps that use Yamaha Brass:

1) Carolina Crown

2) Cadets

3) Cavaliers

4) Santa Clara Vanguard

5) Bluecoats

6) Colts

7) Crossmen

8 ) Madison Scouts

9) Troopers

We will save a more in-depth analysis for a later date, but suffice to say there is already some discussion about a couple of twists in store for audiences this summer. Some history will also be made as another alumni group take the field playing Yamaha.  One other little twist will be heralded in by a group hoping to have a banner summer.

See you along the way.

ps. the picture at the top is the direct result of a rifle toss that didn’t make it over the tuba player last summer.  Probably good it hit the horn straight on, since the player could have been seriously injured.  What else could we do but laugh and take some pictures.

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Your Final 2009 DCI Fix


Are you following @YamahaWinds and @YamahaPerc on Twitter? If you were, you probably noticed us using the new TweetMic application for the iPhone during the end of the 2009 DCI season. For those of you that missed out, here are two of the many recordings we made – one of the Cavaliers hornline in the lot and another of the Carolina Crown hornline on the field. We weren’t sure exactly what to expect at first, but were pleasantly surprised by how clear the sound quality was! You can even hear a demo of the Yamaha DTXtreme electronic drumset and messages to drum corps fans from the horn staff themselves.

You can hear all the TweetMic recordings we made on the @YamahaWinds Twitter page just look for the DCI TweetMic posts between July 30 and August 8.

To round out our multimedia DCI coverage, we’ve posted lots of great pictures on the Yamaha Winds Facebook page just like the photo above of the troopers on finals night.

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DCI 2009 Recap


Time to reflect on the 2009 DCI finals week in Indianapolis Indiana.  We saw some amazing performances by some really talented students, hundreds of volunteers working hard to support each and every participating drum corps, and a tireless commitment by the various instructional staff members to achieving excellence.  Congratulations to all the groups playing Yamaha:

2nd place – Carolina Crown (Yamaha Brass & Percussion)

3rd place – Holy Name Cadets (Yamaha Brass & Percussion)

4th place – The Cavaliers (Yamaha Brass & Percussion)

5th place – Santa Clara Vanguard (Yamaha Brass)

6th place – The Bluecoats (Yamaha Brass & Percussion)

12th place – The Troopers (Yamaha Brass)

13th place – The Colts (Yamaha Brass & Percussion)

15th place – Madison Scouts (Yamaha Brass & Percussion)

16th place – The Crossmen (Yamaha Brass & Percussion)

A special congratulations go out to Matt Harloff and the Carolina Crown brass staff for taking home the Jim Ott best brass performance award for the highest brass score during the week.  Crown is now the 3rd different drum corps playing Yamaha to win this award in the last 10 years (Cadets and Cavaliers have also won this award since 2000).

If you missed any of the realtime action via the DCI Fan Network, or Twitter, here is a little sample of what was going on during the week.

View the Yamaha DCI Season pictures on Facebook

View the Yamaha DCI week pictures on TwitPic

View the Yamaha DCI week pictures on YFrog

Listen to the Yamaha DCI week recordings on TweetMic

Of course, the week ended with Yamaha again winning the “High Trunk” caption early Sunday morning (about 1:30am when this award was given out).  We think it was a 10.0 in this category, and continues our undefeated run back to the Fred Sanford days.

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Rifle, meet tuba bell


When I got the panicked call from the Colts brass staff that one of their tuba bells had a hole in it, I had a hard time imagining exactly how a tuba bell could get a hole in it.  After seeing it for myself and hearing the story, now I understand.  You see, there was this rifle….and the throw didn’t quite make it….and sure enough the rifle went straight through the bell.  We all laughed about it for a few minutes, not ever having seeing something like this happen.  Then told the kid holding the horn at the time how lucky he was that he didn’t get hurt since its easier to fix the horn than a broken bone.

A little bit of pounding and soldering by Paul Collins of the Brass Shop and the horn was repaired and the performer played it that very night.

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